Software Tour

Challenged by the internet of things

Software is one of the main pillars for the success of the Brainport region.

The Brainport region produces the most advanced software in the world. High-tech software enables high-tech manufacturing companies to play a prominent role and compete successfully on the world stage. The High Tech Software Cluster brings approximately 32 software developers together to strengthen each other and work together on the opportunities of tomorrow.

Manager of the High Tech Software Cluster, Wim Renders, takes you past a number of member companies with this tour that gives you a glimpse into their software ‘kitchen’.

  • The tour starts at business park Esp in Eindhoven where you will be welcomed by Tiobe, a specialist in assessing and tracking the quality of software. The company measure the quality of a software system and make use of generally accepted coding standards. Wim Renders: “The more we rely on software, the more important the quality becomes. But how do you assess software when you cannot read a code or when it is too complex? Tiobe has the solution for that.”
  • The visit to Esp continues with an introduction to Festa Solutions, Cordis and Unit040. These three companies met each other in the creation of the High Tech Software Cluster in May 2015. Now, one and a half years later, the three have created a joint venture with the answer to the challenges of Industry 4.0. They are the first in the market to connect a machine park at all levels. This allows for a more effective response to ever-faster changing customer needs. The three companies will entusiastically explain it to you during this surprising and inspiring visit. Wim Renders: “These companies use VR goggles and Augmented Reality to show the manufacturing industry from a totally different perspective.”
  • After lunch, for which the entrepreneurs of the aforementioned companies will join us, we will travel further. But where to? We lift a corner of the veil: It has to do with interactive documentation, big data and smart crossovers to automotive, aerospace.

Cluster organisation: High Tech Software Cluster
Cluster Manager: Wim Renders

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