High Tech Tour

Driving Moore's law with Semicon

More than 90 High-Tech supplying companies working on advanced and intelligent high tech equipment have joined forces in Brainport Industries. Nowadays, internationally oriented OEMs delivering high-mix, low-volume, high-complexity machines outsource the full responsibility for modules to their suppliers. This drives suppliers to push their own boundaries in terms of feasibility and responsibility, up to the limits of Moore’s law on the physical pace of silicon technology.

Brainport Industries provides fertile ground and a solid structure for collaborative projects whether they are related to technology, market or people. It's an environment that facilitates a constant flow of knowledge workers and experts as well as enables suppliers to increase their output and grow steadily to become market leaders.

The members of Brainport Industries design and manufacture very complex systems, sub-assemblies and components in series. They have a proven track record and long-standing B2B relationships with companies such as Philips, ASML and FEI. They are active in the high-tech, semicon, automotive, analytical, medical, printing and photovoltaic markets amongst others.

Brainport Industriesis the world's leading open supply chain for high-tech companies, and aims to to strengthen this position.

This Tour focuses on the unique high-tech ecosystem where OEMs, suppliers, education and knowledge institutes work closely together with government support. The tour will consist of visits to high-tech companies where you will see examples of current projects. The companies are physically located close to each other and are really working together to support OEMs with very complex systems, sub-assemblies and components with series ranging from single to multiple. You will also meet educational partners that are part of this unique ecosystem.

Cluster organisation: Brainport Industries
Cluster Manager: John Blankendaal

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