Food Innovation Tour


The Dutch agrifood system is highly mechanised, and, consequently, also highly knowledge-intensive. In this tour, you will get to meet and discuss with several knowledge professionals from the agrifood sector, each providing new insights into relationships with agrifood business partners, government and other institutions at regional, national and even international level. You will meet partners from the province, the famous ‘Food Valley’ cluster managers and knowledge partners, engaging you in their challenges and experiences with financing structures, ownership and the influence of the international context on the local level.

The tour programme is as follows:

  • First, there is a joint visit to: 1) ZLTO, a member-based cooperative facilitating the development of the agro sector throughout the chain, 2) Agrifood Capital, a government-based regionally facilitating organisation, 3) Grow Campus, a recent initiative from education institutes, government and local entrepreneurs aiming to improve and increase the interaction between R&D as well as training and education to foster innovation and continued competitiveness in the agrifood sector. Following a brief introduction to provide you with the overall context of the region, you will be taken on a trip through the educational facilities to discover how the programmes work and what connections they have with their business environment.
  • At Wageningen Campus, you will be given a quick taste of the scope and activities of the world’s top University and Research Centre in agro and food. Of course, you will get a chance to see some of the most exciting new agri&food innovations and engage in discussions regarding the role of the university and businesses in fostering an innovation ecosystem. At the same location, you will also meet Food Valley, the cluster organisation fostering an innovative business climate in collaboration with the University & Research Centre.

Cluster organisation: ZLTO (The Southern Agriculture and Horticulture Organization) + Province of Gelderland
Cluster Guide: Mark de Jong (ZLTO)

RE-Tour Food Innovation Tour
The tour organisers invite you to deepen your encounter with them during a dedicated Tours-Revisited session on the Working Day. For this tour, Pieter Rijzebol, senior policy advisor responsible for the investment climate in the Food Valley region, will introduce the challenges that the government faces in facilitating cluster development in this area: how can we create a local buzz? How can government help attract startups? Having met the cluster and heard all of the Summit Day inspiration, we invite you to roll up your sleeves and think along on this specific business case!

Curious? Meet Wageningen University & Research here:

Meet FoodValley here:

Want to know where you’re going? Get introduced to the region here:

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