Biobased Tour

Agro meets chemistry

The Biobased Delta cluster is a European frontrunner for a biobased economy. Biobased Delta combines a strong agricultural sector, a large and innovative agro-food industry, a large chemical industry and an extensive, well-developed infrastructure. In the bioeconomy cluster, entrepreneurs, R&D institutes and policymakers cooperate closely on innovations to transform regional biomass into competitive biobased products like agrofood, paper, biochemicals, biobased materials and biofuels.

The Biobased Tour will be a journey along the agricultural and industrial sites of West Brabant. Here, new value chains are being developed by connecting the agricultural production of biomass (sugarbeet, potatoes, tomatoes, algae, marine biomass and also new crops) to processing facilities such as Cosun, a sugar company where building blocks for the chemical industry are being processed by extracting components in the biorefinery processes into high value extracts. These new resources are being used by chemical companies like Sabiq to develop biochemical products. The Biobased Delta cluster is responsible for the deployment of this new economy. The cluster managers provide services for the connection between agro and chemical sectors and other relevant triple helix partners. The cluster management provides innovation services to explore the innovative ideas and drive them on to new technologies, products and businesses.

  • In this cluster tour we will visit the valorisation park of New Prinsenland where, in addition to the Cosun sugar factory, all kinds of functionalities and services are brought together into an innovative, multi-facility complex. Here value chain partners link up, share facilities and exchange resources. We will visit the industrial park, speak with the park manager and meet a startup company active in the biobased valorisation of egg plant residues to construction materials. Also, we will make a tour around the park.
  • Afterwards, we will go to the Green Chemistry Campus (GCC), which is based at the industrial site of chemical producer Sabiq. The GCC plays a central role in the regional biobased innovation process as a place for the network partners to meet and a location where startups are housed. The manager, Dennis van der Plas, will tell us about the GCC and CEO Willem Sederel will share his story of the Biobased Delta cluster. Before we go back to Eindhoven, we will have an interactive discussion with the Cluster Tour participants.

Cluster organisation: Biobased Delta, ZLTO (The Southern Agriculture and Horticulture Organization)
Cluster Manager: Willem Sederel (Biobased Delta)
Cluster Guides: Vincent Lokin (AFC), Roel Clement (ZLTO)

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